ギターのボディーは通常の輪島塗より多い、幾層もの塗りを重ねることで深みのある漆黒の輝きを放つ仕上がりとなり、ネックは30回以上の拭漆(ふきうるし)作業を経て木目の美しさを引き立たせています。 伝統の輪島塗ならではの技術と高級感あふれる質感を感じ取ることができます。

A body of a guitar is to pile coating of many layers a lot more than usual Wajima Lacquerware,and a deep utterly dark blaze is given off,it's finished and the next and a neck are making beauty of the grain stand out via more than 30 time of (Fukiurushi) work. It's possible to sense technology traditional Wajima Lacquerware and the feel of a material full of poshness.


The feature of Wajima-nuri should have solidity as daily necessities with it simultaneously with beauty. It applied long years,it piled up originality and creativity,inheriting tradition over number of generations,and has evolved by polishing work.For example,technique which mixes with Japanese lacquer the powder "powder of the Wajima place" which burned and broke diatomite,and applies it at the time of a ground, or stretches Asanuno with a lacquer,and raises intensity.Technology of chinkin or lacquer work.The technology and it which were not born only by keeping tradition are the tradition of Wajima-nuri.Here is the value unique to the Wajima-nuri "it is also one art though it is a tool used in a life.


It uses. It is dressed. It tries. I would like to adhere just to my favorite thing.[ who does new and tries ] It is being begun to pull the possibility of Japanese lacquer on the novel surprised idea which was not until now.Please get a prejudice of you and carry out skilled [ of the new world which Japanese lacquer expresses].The new world of Wajima-nuri which suited the designer in Wajima's craftsmen and the present age spreads.Technology is established from Edo period Kyoho era term time by Wajima of Ishikawa Prefecture,and it has become traditional handicrafts of Japan which is having the name known as high-class lacquer ware also in foreign countries now.

その誕生の瞬間から、常に世界を牽引してきたフェンダー。フェンダーという名前は「ロックンロール」と同義語と言っても過言ではないでしょう。世界中にロックンロールの革命を起こし、その名を轟かせ、 現在もなお多くのミュージシャンやコレクターから高く賞賛され続けています。1946年から今日に至るまでの長い歴史において、フェンダーはロックンロールを始め、カントリーやジャズ、ブルースなど、あら ゆるジャンルの音楽に影響を与えてきました。フェンダー社の生み出したソリッド・ボディ・ギターの誕生は、まさに世界が変わった瞬間だといえるでしょう。

The fender which has always towed the world from the born moment. Even if I say''rock'n'roll'' and synonym,the name as the fender wouldn't be exag-gerated. You can bring about a revolution of a rock'n'roll in all over the world and spread the name, and I also keep being praised highly from still many musicians and collectors at present.Country including a rock'n'rool,jazz and blues were having an influence on music of all genres for a fender in long history to today from 1946. It can probably be said that birth of the solid body guitar foender company produced is the moment the world changed surely.